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The Vital Link Between Lost Pets and Their Owners • (631) 696-5172


Pet Line is a non-profit lost and found service dedicated to helping reunite Long Island pet owners with their lost pets. The service provides a tremendous benefit to anyone who has either lost a pet or found a pet.

Pet Line is effective because of its resources. They include an extensive database of lost pets and found pets and networks with animal shelters and rescue groups on all of Long Island - from Montauk to Manhattan. Pet Line's phone number is widely promoted for individuals to call if they have found or lost a pet.

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  • Reuniting pet owners with their lost pets through its computer database which matches "lost pet" descriptions with "found pet" descriptions.

  • Offering pet owners a lifetime Pet Line membership that provides protection for your pet in the event it gets lost.

  • Assisting individuals who find lost pets in the search for the pet's owner.

Pet Line Lost and Found Service is managed and operated by the STAR Foundation, a non-profit, all-volunteer organization.

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